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Roof tile design has seen minimal innovation in centuries. Thick, heavy concrete or clay tiles are simply stacked upon one another and held down by their considerable weight. This in turn dictates strong, heavy and expensive roofing structures to cope with the load. These heavy roof tiles are hard and brittle which results in up to 10% breakages on installation and further threat of damage from hail, wind and being walked upon. There had to be a better way. Harvey Roofing Products sought to resolve these functional challenges by solving another pressing issue: sustainability.

How could we improve on archaic roof tile systems and at the same time remove harmful plastic waste from the environment?

The breakthrough came in the form of Harvey EcoTile® Harvey EcoTile® is a proudly South African, revolutionary breakthrough in roof tiles. By utilising 98% waste material including plastics, Harvey EcoTile® is 100% recyclable yet provides superior functional benefits to concrete or clay roof tiles. Harvey EcoTile’s® technological design advantage ensures an interlocking, lightweight tile that is maintenance free, weatherproof and virtually unbreakable in normal use

Functional Benefits

Sustainability Benefits

Mineral Polymer Composite Roof Tiles

Precision-fit ridge tile provides weatherproof, maintenance-free seal.
Stylish Double Roman design combines exceptional functional advantages with classic aesthetics.
Harvey EcoTile Interlocking Feature
Advanced engineering provides interlocking system for weather proofing and superior strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the tile be available?
Full production anticipated by end OCTOBER 2021.
Will it be certified?
Agrement Certified REF 2021/624.
What are the available colours?
Initially only available in matt textured finish Black / Charcoal.
Can the Tile corrode?
Absolutely not. The composition of the tile is made from non-corrosive material.
How many tiles per m2?
Is the tile registered with the NHBRC?
As the product is certified by Agrement we will have NHBRC recognition.
What is the transport cost against a standard concrete roof tile?
We can load 75% more of the EcoTiles® as they are only 25% of the weight of a concrete roof tile. In essence, tile for tile, EcoTile® is only 25% of the cost to transport concrete tiles!
What is the recommended roof pitch?
We would recommend a pitch of anything between 12.5 to 35 degrees. For pitches below 22 degrees, an underlay is recommended.
What are the EcoTile® breakages in transport?
While we would never claim that the roof tile is not breakable, breakage in transit is unlikely.
What brandering size should be used?
Tested at 27 degrees the truss spacing of 1100mm using sizes 114 x 38 SABS approved timber and battens of 38 x 38 will suffice. Alternatively Light Gauge Steel top hat sections.
What is the size of the Harvey EcoTile® roof tile?
Actual size is 420mm x 324m and the effective size is 345mm x 310mm.
How easy is the roof assembly?
Very! There are five location points for ease of fitment and interlocking. (Refer installation manual)
Is the assembly faster than with concrete?
Indeed, as the Harvey Eco Tile® locates onto the brandering and interlocks with the tile below (Refer installation manual)
What fixings are required?
The tile at the eave require one fixing screw (which we supply), unless in high wind areas where two would be recommended. The screws are self-cutting with a hex head and a rubber washer.
What equipment (tools) are required to fit the tiles?
A standard battery operated Drill Driver with adjustable torque setting.
What is the weight comparison per square meter with concrete?
The average weight of a concrete double roman roof tile is 4.2kg = 44.1 kg per m². Harvey EcoTile® at 1.35kg each = 12.62kg m2.
Can the Harvey EcoTiles® be walked on?
Walkability test passed at point load breakage of 360kg.
What breakage can we expect on assembly?
While we would never claim that the tile is unbreakable, the assembly / fitment breakage will be under 1%.
What is the fade factor?
Any roof product, albeit concrete tiles or steel, will fade over time through natural weathering. Harvey EcoTile® will also fade over time, but given the quality of the masterbatch, the fading will be uniform and consistent.
How easy is it to cut the MPB tile?
Very easy, using a small angle grinder, a mask is advisable as the cutting produces swarf and not dust as with a concrete tile.
Does it come in different profiles?
Harvey EcoTile® is a "Double Roman" profile and this will initially be the only profile available. Future designs /shapes are being considered.
What accessories are available?
Yes, we will have a range of accessories available (Refer our product brochure)
What is the product warranty?
A 30 Year warranty will apply. (Subject to T & C's)
Are there any show houses available?
We plan to have show house in 4th quarter of 2021 to display the product as part of our product launch.
What is the fire risk? Can it burn?
Complies with SANS 10400 Part T (table 2).