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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to the public?
Harvey Roofing Products is a mass manufacturer of steel roof tiles. We do not sell to the public and tiles are sold to leading hardware outlets, contractors and developers.
Where can I buy Harvey Rooftiles?
Harvey Tiles are available from most leading hardware outlets, e.g. Cashbuild, Build It, Buco, EST, Builders Warehouse, etc.

Visit the store locator on our website for your closest stockist.

Should you have any difficulty in obtaining our products, please call our sales staff or mail us at
Do you have a solar solution?
The application of solar options will become an integrated part of the South African energy revolution.

At Harvey Roofing Products, we have designed the HSB (Harvey Solar Bracket) , suitable for the application of solar panels & Geysers.

The HSB is manufactured from High Tensile Steel, no need to “pierce” the Harvey Tile and risk a leaking roof. The HSB is easily fitted onto the timber or steel batten.

The Uniform Wind uplift load is 2 Kn/m2, which makes the HSB the only tested and tried Steel Tile Solar Solution that would withstand the elements.
Can you quote on total roof structure?
(Harvey Tiles including Structure)

We can offer an estimated cost based on Light weight steel frame structures (Mitek®), but not on timber thickness. CAD generated drawings have to be submitted.

Note: HRP is not liable for incorrect take-offs.
What is your minimum order quantity?
• For direct delivery to store – the minimum order quantity is 400 tiles (1 x pallet).
• For collection orders, the minimum is 50 Tiles.

Kindly note we do not deliver to sites and this would have to be on a collection basis.
Is Harvey Rooftiles suitable for water harvesting?
All our products are GREEN.
Are Harvey Rooftiles suitable to re-roof or only suitable for new roofing?
One of the many attributes of Harvey Roofing Products is the fact that our products can be applied over existing corrugated steel roofs or existing Thatch roofs… this means no disruption to the tenants and an easy way to renovate your house.


New Roof structures need to be applied when using the Mitek light steel weight structures.

Contact a trained Harvey Tile Installer.
What is your warranty?
All our products carry a warranty*.

* Warranty available on application and subject to terms and conditions.
What is the minimum pitch suitable for Harvey?
• Without Underlay: Between 15 and 45 Degrees.
• With Underlay: Between 10 to 15 Degrees.
How do I become a "Trained Harvey Tile Installer"?
We offer training at our premises. Also refer to the installation manual on our web. For an installer to become a “trained Harvey installer” and have his services offered on our web, they would have to undergo the training (1 day course at no charge).

Once we have inspected at least 3 projects, and are satisfied with the overall workmanship, consideration will be given to have the company reflected on our web as an installer.

Contact our sales office to schedule an appointment for the training program.
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